Kirsty & Mike – Monkland – Leominster Wedding

In a small village in Leominster is Monkland. Home to Kirsty’s parents beautiful house, including apple orchard which is used for home made cider. There was a marquee in the garden and the house was a hive of activity when I arrived in the morning, packed with family, hair & makeup artists & caterers! The decorations in the marquee were mostly home made, the scrunched balls on the ceiling being coffee filter papers, great work!

The wedding took place at the church in the village, a short trip for the vintage Champ wedding car! After the ceremony it was a trip to the common for some shots with & without the car followed by a bumpy trip back to the house off road (me included!). On arrival we are met by Mike’s Caterham outside which proved to be quite popular with the guests and quite a talking point over the course of the afternoon!

Congratulations Kirsty & Mike, I loved the feel of your wedding.