Coventry Transport museum

I managed to secure a rare opportunity to photograph the cars of Coventry Transport Museum out of hours for a personal project of mine. this happened over three occasions, and I’d made a clear plan of what i wanted to photograph.

I knew I wanted the Thrust cars, not only are they very rare but from what I could find on good old google images, apart from their high speed runs, very few ‘good’ pictures exist so I wanted to make the most of this opportunity to create something that stood out. Also, there was a Maserati 250F that had caught my eye. In stunning red (what else!) not only was it voted “The Greatest Racing Car ever” by racing magazine Octane, Sir Stirling Moss himself said: “I have great affection for the 250F because it was the car that gave me my first proper break in Formula One,” Only 26 were made worldwide so to have one to photograph is a rare thing indeed.

Last on my list was a Delorean. Bit of an iconic car for me growing up in the early 80′s, with back to the future featuring in my childhood! Originally made in the factory in Northern Ireland for the American market, under 10’000 cars were made, of which approx 6500 are believed to be in existence today.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from my time there.